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La Quinceañera is a celebration of a girl's 15th birthday. It has its cultural roots in Mesoamerica and is widely celebrated today throughout the Americas.

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  • Web hosting gallery for viewing or ordering prints for 1 year.
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On location slideshow on a 42" television monitor for 2 hrs. present and past images $150.00 

Digital Negatives with rights to print up to 8hrs. $900.00


  • 1- Photographer  
  • Digital negatives included and ready to print up to 8x10 at your convenience and your favorite lab  
  • Images as shot from camera plus color/white balance and crop for better composition
  • Web hosting gallery for viewing sharing or ordering prints for 1 year.


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This birthday is celebrated in America from any other as it marks the transition from childhood

to young womanhood. Historically, in the years prior to their 15th birthdays, girls were taught cooking, weaving, and about childbearing by the elder women in their communities in preparation for their future roles as wives and during the celebration the girl's father would present her to potential suitors.

  Today, the custom remains strongest in Mexico, However, it is widely celebrated in Spanish speaking countries in the Americas.  The celebrations themselves vary significantly in different countries; for example, the festivities in some have taken on more religious overtones than in others. Nowadays, the quinceañera is also celebrated by many Latino Americans in the United States, each according to their traditions.


in Mexico contemporary festivities combine Spanish-Catholic traditions with those of Aztecs and other indigenous heritages and add in a few modern twists. In ancient Mexico, the Axtecs and other indigenous peoples had many different ceremonies to mark the passage through the various stages of life. The quinceañera marked a young woman's transition to adulthood, as she was presented, as a virgin, to the community for probable suitors.

In a traditional Mexican quinceañera, young women and men have roles as formal damas and chambelanes, who perform special bends at the celebration, along with the quinceañera herself. There is also a "man of honor" who accompanies the young woman. Potential suitors present gifts to her family to make up a dowry or bridal wealth. Prior to her being given away, the women of the community participate by instructing the quinceañera in her duties and responsibilities, urging her to follow the correct path, by remaining true to her people and their traditions throughout her life.

Changes over the years


The meaning behind the quinceañera has become more refined over time and has been adapted by various Latino cultures in relation to where they are living.

In rural societies, girls were considered ready for marriage once they turned 15. In the 20th century, the quinceañera received certain privileges associated with womanhood: permission to attend adult parties, pluck her eyebrows and shave her legs, wear makeup, jewelry and high heels. When this tradition originated, the quinceañera was a small party to celebrate the transition. Friends and family gathered in order to give the girl a chance to mingle with young men. Rich families celebrated quinceañeras with big parties and elaborate dresses. In Latin American countries, wealthy families announced quinceañeras in the newspapers to publicize their extravagant celebrations.

Ceremony of the 15 Candles

In this ceremony, the birthday girl hands a candle to each of the 15 people she considers the most influential in her life. She often makes a speech, usually dedicated to each of the persons given candles. This ceremony is also known as the Tree of Life. The 15 candles symbolize the 15 years the girl has "left behind". Each of the candles represents a special memory, a moment shared with each person whom she invites to join the ritual. She expresses her gratitude to these 15 people, whom she will tell how each helped her.

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