H.S Seniors / Family and group sessions 

  ​​​Portraits (H.School seniors pictures)

  Session fee is $125.00 (due before session starts)

  A set of (5) digital media files sent to your e-mail to view or share in digital media.FB etc.

  1 hour

  1 or 2 outfit/look

  NO prints are included

Prints: may be purchase from your personal gallery trough your shopping cart..

All images will be edited to make a beutifull print.

  • $20.00 charge fee if traveling outside Racine county. 
  • Additional information at bottom of page.
  • Dress to impress. 

                        sharing your images with photographer:

(1) click on image you like and click on the  until done selecting.

(2) top left FAVORITE/ my selections - you will see how many images you picked (1-?)  click on it and click selection

(3) (top right) click share favorites - new window opens. (4) fill information and click SHARE. all done! 

once I get the images, I will do a edit and send you a new link where you may purchase any prints, canvas, etc.  

Family/group Session

session fee: $150.00 Due before session.

NO- prints are included on the session fee.

1-2 hrs.

1-2 outfit/look

1-7 small digital files for fb/digital media

Print Shop: You will be able to purchase any prints from your gallery link.

All images will be edited to make a beutifull print. (small to large)

Family session fee is $150.00 (Mom,Dad,kids) 1 hr. 1 or 2 outfit/look

A set of (up to-8) small digital files sent to your e-mail to share in digital media fb. etc.

Additional families: inside the group add $75.00 per family 5 small digital images. NO prints. but available to purchase at the print shop

Dress to impress!

solid colors work best, NO sleeveless Tops

Facial retouching and other minor manipulations will be done per requested within reason.


  •   Online proofs of images in approximately 3 days
  •   Does Not include Additional prints or Original files.
  •   Retouch Digital files are available for $25.00 each.
  •   Professional quality prints may be purchase on-line
  •   A password can be provided (if required)
  •  There is a $20.00 traveling expenses outside Racine county
  •  Please share your link with family and friends
  •  Many other items to pick from: Puzzles, canvas, gallery wraps.calendars,mouse pads etc.                                                            
  •       4-Wallets $11.00           1- 4x6 $7.00                 1- 5x7 $11.00               1- 8x10 $15.00    
  •      1-11x14 $35.00        1-16x20 $77.00           1- 20x24 $101.00              1- 20x30 $125.00  

  •                                       Shipping cost is around $7.00

        For this session, we will use your home, my Garage/studio or a preferred location possibly with plenty of shade 
     for better natural light and better quality of photograph
s. Your Home is perfect for children that are        

     more comfortable in their home environment or in low key settings.
     I will provide lighting equipment for this situation.   
    (Please be on time and be ready to have fun)   

Dress to Impress:                        

                                                           solid colors work best NO sleeveless Tops. 
            Facial retouching and other minor manipulations will be done per request within reason.

  • CLOTHING we do NOT recommend clothing with high contrast between items. for example, a black shirt with a white skirt. your eyes are naturally drawn to the area of highest contrast in the image, which in this case would be the skirt (making your hips look larger than they are). your focus in portraits should most often be your face, and high contrast clothing detracts from this while making parts of your body appear larger (the ones covered with the light clothing).  pair lights with lights, and darks with darks.
  • be conscious of parts of your body that might make you uncomfortable.  for example, if you are uncomfortable with the way that your upper arms look, avoid sleeveless and strapless shirts and dresses as they will make your arms appear larger.
  • group your outfits together ON HANGERS.  clothing in a bag or laid over your arms will become wrinkled, and will not look good in your portraits.
  • VARIETY!  be sure to bring a variety of outfits to show all of your looks.  it’s always a good idea to bring long-sleeved options even when being photographed in the summer.
  • TANNING – while a little color is nice, be sure not to overdo it for your session.  tan lines are not attractive (if you have them, best to avoid outfits that show them).  also – too much color will make you appear larger in your portraits (especially in your face) as the color removes the highlights and shadows from your skin.
  • fingernails – they show!  we recommend having a manicure prior to your portrait session
  • HAIR & MAKEUP (this part is just for girls!)
    Makeup is probably the most critical part of your portrait session. even if you do not regularly wear makeup – or don’t wear ‘much makeup’ – you need the appropriate amount applied for your portraits to look their best. based on the application, makeup can make you look ‘natural’, ‘glamorous’,
  • HAIR
    your hair should reflect YOU, and your own style. senior portraits are not a time to try new ‘looks’ for your hair that you do not normally do. any cuts or color should be done at least a week prior to your session to ensure they look their best. also, feel free to change up your hair during your session – add accessories, pull it up, curl it‘sophisticated’, and more.                        

Selecting your Photos

  After the session I will send you a link to your album where you will select your favorites 5 poses.

             Selection proses:                                                                                                               

  Go to Album (view all photographs)

  Click-Select Photos.

  Click on photo to select.


  Click on FAVORITES to view the set. (Please Only select 3 to 7 Poses) or agreed quantity.

  Click send to.

  Enter Information required.

        Click SHARE.


  I will go over each image and make any adjustments necessary to create a beautiful image. I will re-post all Images and send you a new link where you may purchase 1 or 100 prints depending on your budget, and you can do all this at your convenience.
 Every order placed will be review and approved before fulfillment

Thank you.
thephotory/by Rigo Alcala'

I will print any photograph you need. I will do minor editing as needed.

In house Professional Photo printing, restoration etc.
13 x 19 $35.00 frame size - 18x24
11 x 14 $27.00 frame size - 16x20 8 x 10 $10.00 frame size - 11x14

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